2D or GUI?

I guess there is not right or wrong here - I would appreciate your opinion

What will you use to make a simple board game (mobile & desktop, ~100-200 sprites) -
2D Sprites and orthographic camera or make everything with uGUI?

It shouldn't really matter which direction to take, you just need to take in to account the pro's / cons of each approach.

2D has full physics but limited interactivity (clicking) and no layout options.
UI has full interactivity and layout options but no physics.

Also if you want to embed 3D models / effects in with the system, you need to understand it's impacts as it requires a fair bit more work to include in the UI system but still possible.

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Nice, thanks.
I started using 3D for the prototype, because it will be easier to implement stuff like flipping tiles with 3D…
but now I’m stuck with the screen layouts, so I may switch to UI instead : )

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