2D package and AR package Problem

Use unit editor 2021.3.29

Downloaded “2D” and “AR” packages from Package Manager.

At that time, an error occurred that ‘internalApiEditorBridge.005.asmdef’ and ‘internalBridgeDef.asmdef’ were using the same name.

“Assembly with name ‘Unity.InternalAPIEditorBridge.005’ already exists (Packages/com.unity.xr.arsubsystems/Editor/InternalBridge/Unity.InternalAPIEditorBridge.005.asmdef)”
“Assembly with name ‘Unity.InternalAPIEditorBridge.005’ already exists (Packages/com.unity.2d.aseprite/Editor/Common/InternalBridge/InternalBridgeDef.asmdef)”

Changing one name on the advice of unitymuse seems to cause errors elsewhere referencing it.
I need your help.