2D - Passing Through Colliders

Hello, I’m having trouble trying to get characters to climb and descend stairs in 2D. I have multiple platforms/levels that are long and narrow that the sprites can walk along. But I want to be able to have them descend.

![alt text][1]

In the picture, I would like to be able to have sprites follow any of the following paths. When I set the floor with an edge collider, sprites who are climbing the stairs hit their head on it and stop, and sprites trying to descend can’t break through to the stairs.

I am an experienced programmer but am new to C#, Unity and Graphical programming. Any help would be very appreciated.



Edit: Currently I’m using rigidbody 2d and a circle collider on my sprite and an edge collider on my floor/stairs.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I think i found my own answer. Thanks Me

Old Post about this…