2D platformer advice

For my next uni project i want to create a 2D platformer in Unity and so far i have only been making basic 3D games. Was wondering if there are any good tutorials out there that could help me. and im not talking about that 2.5D gameplay tutorial unity has. i want it all flat with sprite sheets and such. Thank you.

The simplest answer is that if you want it to be completely 2D, then you shouldn’t be using a 3D engine to do it. The entire basis of a 3D engine is to place cameras in space and send vertices through the graphics adapter’s rendering pipeline. This approach isn’t suited for true 2D games.

Try the SDL library instead. It’s designed for true 2D, and if you’ve become accustomed to .Net and maybe even C# from working with Unity, you’ll be pleased to find it has a .Net implementation. You can find it here:

Read about SDL here:

Sorry but it has to be Unity as its for a uni project. was after some help to get something like this

You CAN do it in Unity, just takes a bit of mucking around. Flick the camera to orthographic mode and map textures (sprite sheets) to primitive objects. There is a pretty good plugin somewhere that allows you to create a custom plane with any amount of triangles, as opposed to Unity’s stock MASSIVE plane. This helps keep the poly count low.

I suggest messing around with that “2.5D” tutorial and changing the camera to orthographic, and doing a bit of research on animated textures… it’s not too tough. I’ve built 2D games in GameSalad ( a cool tool for the non-coder, but pretty buggy and slow) and I’m finding Unity just as easy now that I have my head around the code and GUI and it’s MUCH more versatile :slight_smile:

Look up the unity forum post for OMG pirates game. They used unity to make a 2d game.


Here is the link to the forum discussion. They tell u amazing stuff about making 2d games in Unity 3d