2D Platformer AI Jump?


I have a problem with creating a 2D platformer game (in C#). The platformer game is a game where you have to jump from platforms up to another platform to get higher and higher.

Now I need an AI that follows the quickest way to the player, and also jumps from one platform to another repeatedly to get higher.

How do I let the AI know when it can jump? (If he can also make the jump to a higher platform). How do I let him jump to the right position to the right platform at the right time?

I can’t seem to find anything related to this anywhere, I have looked everywhere.

Any kind of help is appreciated.

i would probably go with putting triggers on each side of the platform, and then on enter trigger → jump sctipt kicks in

You can use unity 4.3 2D features.
Then you need to download Unity standard asset beta from here

Import the character into a fresh scene and create script for main camera to move vertically in y position.Place a gameobject (cube) on the bottom (out of main camera) and create a script to show gameover when player get collide with that gameobject.
In main camera make an empty gameobject and place a script called spawner you can get the script and other related help from here.