2D Platformer Jump Pad

Hello I hope someone could possibly help me with my problem, I have been trying to make a jump pad work in the 2D Platformer, I have looked at the 3rd person controller script but don't quite know what makes it work, im sure its nothing to do with adding force as the character controller does not respond to physics correct?

Is it then some kind of super jump applied only when hitting a trigger?

All I want to do is have my character bounce off of things like spring boards and enemies, is this a simple thing to do?

Thank you in advance for your help.

One way to do this would be to modify your player’s velocity when there’s collision with an enemy (OnCollisionEnter) or when the player entered a specific trigger (OnTriggerEnter).

For example, to bounce off a horizontal surface, you can invert the sign of the Y component of your player’s rigidbody’s velocity (by multiplying it by -1.0f).