2D Platformer Jumping at a 45 degree angle

I’m making a 2D platformer, I’m currently developing a wall jump.

I want to know how I can start off to make my player jump at 45 degree angle.

Hey there! I’m also developing a 2D platformer and I’m moving the player using RigidBody2D.velocity. So, since you want to move the player at a 45 degree angle, you just have to multiply your jump force ( how high you want to jump with each jump ) with Vector2.one ( a vector with values (1, 1) ). This is if you want to jump to the right. If you want to jump to the left, just put - to your x value ( or flip it every time you touch the wall ). Something like that:

rb.velocity = jumpForce * Vector2.one; //for right jumping
rb.velocity = new Vector2( -jumpforce, jumpforce); //for left jumping

I would add the same force on Y and X axis.