2D Platformer multiple spawnpoints

I’m making a 2D platformer game right now, and i want to move between areas but i want some areas to have multiple spawnpoints. The way it works, A player goes through a portal and it loads a new scene, and in that new scene there are another 2 portals, one that loads the scene the player came from(I will call it portal 1) and another portal that loads the next scene(and this portal i will call portal 2). Now i want the player to spawn in the portal 1 because that’s the one that will lead him back to the scene that he just came from. Now i could just set the spawnpoint in portal 1 but the problem is, that portal 2 loads the next scene where in that next scene, you can come back to portal 2, But how can i make the player spawn in portal 2 if there is a spawnpoint in portal 1? Now because i’m very bad at explaining i will try to draw it,I will appreciate every help, Thank you!
I’m getting an error when trying to upload the image so i uploaded it to google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ydIXKw8LfFK_DvdgXRyFChk_zHbC7A44/view?usp=sharing
(The circle in the middle is another scene btw)

add a spawnscript to each portal, the only thing you need in there is a collisionenter event, and compare the collider of the object that has just collided. you can have a public transform variable in the spawnscript for handleling where do you want to spawn respawn the object. there are hundreds of fancier ways of doing this but this one is the easiest one

You can use a static variable, or alternatively you can have a GameObject that uses Unity - Scripting API: Object.DontDestroyOnLoad

DontDestroyOnLoad allows a GameObject to persist between scenes.

You can have a GameObject containing the full state of your game - number of lives, player name, Facebook PI details, and the name of the last portal they passed through - and any required network connections etc. that survives between scenes. When you load the new scene, you check which portal they used and choose which spawn point to pick.