2D Platformer physics

Hello guys,

I’m developing a 2D platformer, but I have one problem. I can jump and walk around on the platforms that I have made. The problem is when I jump against the sides of a platform he doesn’t fall, he hovers against the sides, and when I release the key he falls. I’m using 2D box colliders for my player and platforms. I don’t know where the problem is.
Need I change some settings or write some code for this?

Create a 2D physics2D material, name it whatever u want, and in the inspector, turn friction to “0”.
On your character’s collider, drag the physics2D material on to the material box of the collider.

Try it it should work fine.

What I did was I used edge colliders with my desired friction on top where the character is walking. then I added edge colliders on the sides with friction 0 so the player slips right off. If you do friction 0 all over, It’ll make the player look like it’s walking on ice.