2D platformer usage

Ok, So while this is my first question, I am not an "Actual" new user to Unity.

I have searched many places and after not finding my answer just decided to man up and ask a question (and beg for forgiveness) as I come from a game dev background and actually have titles under my belt.

Question: Unity is a great 3D engine... but how will it perform as a 2D side scrolling engine... Yes I know there are other engines that perform well that might be better suited but, my team( well... I) fell in love with the web player/ one click-publishing part of Unity.

We will not have 3D models/meshes... basically if you have to open a 3d editor(max/maya/lightwave) we wont have it. Does Unity handle SpriteRigs and 2Dtransforms like some of the other engines out there? will we be able to simply draw a texture onto a 2d sprite and draw from a spritesheet?

Im asking this because I havent found it anywhere(yes I know it is Unity3D.com) we will use the 3D for depth rendering.

Any Help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

No, Unity doesn't do bitmap 2D graphics like 2D engines. Everything is 3D models, even if it's textures on quads (which is how you do 2D in Unity).

There are actually multiple ways of doing this - either with objects actually visible in your 3D scene or not. Check out the following article containing an overview of some different ways and their advantages and disadvantages.