2D Preview Packages

We have released 2 new preview packages for 2D features! Head over to the 2D Experimental Forum or follow these links :

The first phase of 2D animation.

SpriteShape, our spline-based world-building tool.


We have released a new preview package! Follow this link for more info:
Vector Graphics, with an SVG importer and runtime APIs to build vector graphics elements


We have released a preview of 2D Pixel Perfect ! Follow this link for more info:
3512307--280530--Pixel Perfect.gif
Pixel Perfect Camera component, keeping pixel art remains crisp and clear at different resolutions, and stable in motion.


Wow, awesome! Just need them. Cool and very helpful features!

soo good

That Looks so Cool, Was waiting for Vector Image Importer in unity.

4005916--345436--2D Animation v2 Forum.gif
2D Animation v2 is now available for preview!

Check it out here:

This version includes:

  • A unified Skinning Editor module in the Sprite Editor window, giving you a much tighter sprite rigging iteration loop.
  • Support for Multiple Sprite Single Character rigging workflows through 2D PSD Importer Package.

Perfect! I’ve been waiting for this!

This is a problem i’ve been trying to figure out for a while now.

Thank you!

Looks so nice! I always loved user made games. I'll download unity soon. I'm interested :smile:

I'm seeing an issue where the vertices aren't showing in any of the sprite mesh editor modes. Not sure if its a bug or something I'm doing wrong! :-) Any ideas?


My animation 2D packaged seens very different. I dont have the Bone Influence option and Geometry And Weight Editor tab. I'm doing something wrong?

link: https://imgur.com/J3cGSlm


2D Animation 2.2.0-preview.4 for 2019.2 is now available!

  • The sprite swapping workflow has been improved by making Sprite Resolvers more robust for animation by replacing indices with labels.
  • In the Skinning Editor, bone association now picks up the nearest bone when no bones are overlapping the Sprite.

Important Note:
Because we redesigned the way we implement Sprite Library, previous assets and components will not work. Please use the new APIs and redo your Sprite Swap setup.

See the full post here in the 2D Preview forums: https://discussions.unity.com/t/753051

PSDImporter 1.2.0 for 2019.2 is out!

This is a small update that ensures that the PSD Importer package depends on the latest 2D Animation package.

SpriteShape 2.1.0.preview.11 for 2019.2 is now available!

The adds a back-port that ensures that the SpriteShape object generates geometry even if not visible in the Camera.

Love those!

With the release of 2019.3, these packages are out of preview.. I'm going to close this thread and let's continue the discussions for each of these in the new threads:

2D Animation: https://discussions.unity.com/t/774462
2D PSD Importer: https://discussions.unity.com/t/774476
2D Sprite Shape: https://discussions.unity.com/t/774477
2D Pixel Perfect: https://discussions.unity.com/t/774468