2d: Problem with player running/walking between 2 box colliders/platforms

Okay so ive been working on a 2d platformer for a while now and my player who uses a box collider (not a circle collider to run because of the multitude of problems it brouought up for the type of game i was making, and when he runs between two other box colliders which are platforms, even if they are at the exact same level will sometimes get stuck between them for some reason, but only sometimes

i thought i had fixed this issue by using edge colliders on top of my platform but now the player can fall through them when going too fast, but only sometimes sometimes they work fine

can anyone suggest a way which will consistently allow my player to run across multiple platforms without getting stuck or slowerd down between them, ive tried everything i can think of, using circle colliders, physiccs materials, polygon colliders for platforms, pretty much everything at this point, i just want something which works consistently at this point, any information would be great

Years down the road, if anyone else runs into something similar, I’d suggest just using one platform the whole time, and simply make it appear to be different platforms visually.