2D Raycast won't return anything in final build

Never ever had to request direct support, I’m lost here. Something works fine in editor, but in final build won’t hit any collider.

I’m using a Physics2D.CircleCastAll placed in Update()

I quintuple checked the same data is being used in both instances, so the input is same, output differs. No idea what happens in-between.

I think the project setting "queries start in colliders ☑" (set to true) may have to do.

Also important: a similar game object works fine using same code, key difference it has no children with colliders. These colliders I’m talking about are set to layers that shouldn’t be visible to this particular bugged raycast.

Thanks in advance.

Well, after some more tries, seems like the cause is just a texture made not readable. It’s the main texture where tiles with collisions are derived from. Can’t explain the technical aspect of it, all I know is that raycast detected colliders fine in editor though