2D rotate 90 degrees issue

Hi there

I have am using an orthographic camera so looking at my scene froma 2d view. I have some sprites that I am rotating 90 degrees on click. The only issue is, which is driving me mental is it’s rotating it 90 degrees to the left instead of right. i.e. it’s rotating -90 visually.

Any ideas what could be causing this? It’s as if my camera is back to front…?

You set your game in “unatural rotation” of unity system. As you saw in previous question

Z - front

Y - up

X - sideways

Basically, your objects have differently turned coordinate system. In that case, local rotation is not in sync with global rotation anymore (Not that it is necessary! But for your game it seems like it would be much more easier).

Check this up by selecting an object and toggling global/local button at the top of the editor.