2D Rotation around a center point

I am rotating an object in a circle but the issue is that the center point is no constant. As the object goes around, the center of the image does not stay in place.

I am looking to recreate the same effect as the rotation tool in the Editor. That changes the X / Y coords to keep the center still.

All i’m using so far is:

void Update () {
		transform.Rotate (Vector3.forward * -.9f);

All help is appreciated, thanks!

Depending on the shape of the image you have, you might want to change the pivot of the sprite. To do this you would go into the project folder in the editor and click on the sprite you are using. When you have the sprite selected, open up the sprite editor and look at where your pivot point is placed. Even though the pivot on the editor might say “Center”, that is based on many calculations of other imaged based code that might not result in the ACTUAL center of YOUR image. Find the best location to place your pivot that would result in the best balance. You can do this by manually editing it with “Custom Pivot”, or if any of the other predefined points do it, select it. Best of luck to you.

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