2D shadows not working

Shadow Caster does not seem to work for me. I have tweaked the intensity for all lights used in my scene. I also tried using scripts, and no shadow shows up at all.

I've read this has been an issue since 2019. Has this been fixed and if so, what is the correct way to set this up? Thanks!

What do you mean by "does not seem to work"? You've read that it just doesn't "work" at all since 2019?

I could not find anything else on this since 2021, so it was not clear to me whether this had been fixed - and if there is any other way to make it work.

Again, you’ve not actually said what the problem is. Is what fixed?

Please read what I wrote above.

In my post, I mentioned using the 2D Shadow Caster. I have followed several tutorials and by 'it' not working, I mean the Shadow Caster which does not activate shadows in any way.
I also tried using scripts, again found in tutorials, and those do not work either for URP.
What I would like to know is if there is any other way of making the shadow work.