2D Single frame animation

I didn’t think this was going to be that difficult, but I created an 8 way sprite with no actual animation, I wanted to create an animation file for each direction, each one being a single frame. It’s only meant to be a placeholder obviously. Is there any way I can create a single frame animation from a single cell in a spritesheet?

Also, side note, is there any way to edit animations you create by right clicking? I don’t see a way to edit them.

To do this first make sure that you have the Animation window open under > Window > Animation. Then select your player gameobject and hit create. That will create an animator component, and a animation that you can save in the appropriate folder (/Animations). Make sure your player has a sprite renderer component, and click on Add Property > Toggle the Sprite Renderer drop down > Hit the plus sign on the right of “Sprite”. The diamond in the animation view represents the initial frame of the animation. If you leave it just one frame it will be a single frame animation which is what you are looking for. Simply drag your desired sprite into the animator and on top of the diamond. Or change it in editor under your sprite renderer, but make sure when you are done to uncheck the record button. Else it will save any changes you make to the game object in it’s animation. To make the other 7 sprite animations look at the top left of the window, find the drop down that is currently selecting your current animation, and hit that > create new clip and continue the process.

Sorry, I forgot to respond, I tried it and it worked great! thanks a ton!!!