2D Sorting problem in tilemap

I have sprites with pivot as:

I have set tilemap sorting like this:

Drawing does not go right:

(Hat is drawn behind wall that is upper in y-axis)

How I might correct this?


5 options:

  • You are using the "sprite sort point=center" instead of pivot
  • The wall's pivot is lower than its lowest non-transparent pixel, so it gets rendered in front of player
  • The haven't assigned your urp asset to the graphics settings(If I am not mistaken top toolbar---> edit>project settings>graphics, one of the top options)
  • The wall's sprite sorting layer or order is higher than player's sprite sorting layer&order
  • The wall or the player is part of a sorting group

Btw, I think your player's pivot point is too high, I'd but it at the feet level