2D space shooter scripts and advice?

Hello, I have alot of questions Does anyone have a script I could use to control an over head 2D shooter (just like classics in the style of 1942)? I have tried moving the camera for the unity car tutorial but it is just not the same effect? Also, how can I set up a scoring system (thing A happens and Value B increases by amount C) where the score value continuos across multiple levels and is eventually saved to a leader board? Are there any pre-existing AI thats are reasonably easy t edit (like having one enemy who moves towards the player's position and one who moves away?) -Thanks alot

See here for an overhead 2D shooter project. I best if you don't ask multiple unrelated things in the same question.

There is a really great video tutorial series about making a top down 2D space shooter. They make a playable game from start to finish, the code is C#.


Ive finished my prototype of space shooter and Im planning to make a video tutorial about my game. the code is C#