2D Sprite Background Rendering

Hi all, I made a bunch of 2d sprites for a small top down rpg game i’m going to start as a side project and I imported the sprites into Unity and it appears Unity renders the defaulted green background I used for the background of my sprite sheets. Is there a way I can simply remove this within Unity?


In order to have transparency in Unity you need three things:

  1. An alpha channel on the texture you try to import with the alpha set appropriately for transparent areas.
  2. Import settings that preserve the Alpha channel. As a starting point, select the texture and in the Inspector set Texture Type to ‘Advanced’, and set Format to RGBA 32 Bit.
  3. A shader that supports transparency. As a starting point, you can try the Unlit/Transparent shader.

If the “green” background is there without the alpha channel set to 0, then you are better off writing a batch script in Photoshop to fix the problem.