2D sprite blinking when I export it?, everything looks bad (solution)

My problem is when i export my Unity project to Windows and open the. exe looks very rare all, the game is 2D and the sprites are not distinguished as they start to blink and the tilemap are bad too.

Edit: Solution

a problem is i didn’t know i was causing it or the unity console not told a reason, never gave me an alert or error.

what caused everything is that there is a limit of 4gb of texture per scene, something that doesn’t say anywhere unity and does not throw any error in the console, after lasting a long time looking I came across this discussion about the limitation of 4gb.

there are two solutions, use multi scene where you can know more in:

Unity - Manual: Work with multiple scenes in Unity

or compress the textures but if they don’t go down from 4gb per scene will follow the error:

I hope this information is useful.

Try adding and setting sorting layers to your items in the scene.