2d sprite character on 3d stage

I am wanting to make my own smash bros/brawer game and I want to do a unique artstyle twist by having sprite characters on a 3d stage just like how they made Mr Game & Watch in smash bros. is it possible to make a player a 2d sprite prefab on a 3d stage without having the sprite on a canvas ?


Yes it’s possible to do this. Canvas is primarily meant for UI objects.
Just use 3d colliders with regular 2d sprites and you’re good to go.109299-screenshot.jpg

And here’s a screenshot for reference.


Why dont you just drag the sprite in and just add 3d physics rather than 2d? Should act the same way. All you have to do is make sure the sprite is facing the camera.

nice, this is just what I wanted to know, cheers all.

oh btw how would I go about adding collision points on certain points of a sprite frame for instance I would need one on the character’s fist or foot when he/she attacks