2D Sprite Collision detection?Isometric

Hey guys, I am currently working on a 2d isometric game, which I have never done before. Yes I know it would be easier to create it in 3D and set the Camera to Isometric afterwards, but I bought this really nice asset out of the store, which only contains 2d isometric sprites, so I gotta find a way to do it in 2D.

My Question:

I want to detect on which Block my Player(Orange Block) is currently standing on. In 3D I would just do a Raycast down, in normal 2D too, I guess. But the problem is that these are isometric tiles and the orange block does always “stay” on a couple of different blocks (in 2d view). Does anyone of you ever worked with something similar? I really have no clue how to achieve this.

thanks in advance.

You can try starting by:

In the Floor Blocks, add a PolygonCollider2D or a rotated BoxCollider2d only in the top.The same for the player, but in the imaginary bottom;

Hope this helps!

I still cant figure out how to do it. Anyone else may have a suggestion? :slight_smile: