2D Sprite Design Help

Im working on a tactical rpg game the mechanics play like Disgaea;
Turn based tactics game where you move units on a board like chess. Players dispatch a maximum of 10 characters at a time from a Base Panel onto the field as an isometric grid. The player can then set attacks before ending their turn. Actions will not be performed until executing them from the menu, and turns will not end until ending them from the menu.

I really like the look of Disgaea 2 sprites. I want my game to look “retro” 2D pixel art.
I know these sprites are pixelated but is this actually pixel art? any advice how how to make a look like this is it 16 bit or 32 bit?
or are these sprites 2D drawing?

Thank You!

Did you ever find a solution? I would like to learn to make sprites like this but have no idea where to start.

checkout the program aseprite. but you can use alot of diff image editing software. choose a color palette and start drawing. you can have a 8/16/32 bit color palette that is up to you and the style of the game. disgaea appears to be 16-32 bit color scheme.