2D Sprite Edge Glitches

Hey everybody, I’ve seen some similar posts on this subject but haven’t been able to figure it out, and I have one extra wrinkle to add that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere.

In summary - I’m developing an SNES-style 2D RPG. There are moments where we fade out the map to a black background, leaving just the characters on screen. Sometimes when doing this, you can see lines bleeding out at the edges.

What’s odd is that this only happens at certain resolutions. Native is 640x480, although we allow all 4:3 aspect ratios. This works fine up to 800x600, but for anything above that, these strange artifacts appear. Also odd is that how well you can see them depends on your monitor. I have two identical monitors, and on the one, I can just barely see what I have circled in the example posted here; on the other, I can see a border the entire way around the edges with varying intensity.

I’ve tried doing the fade by (1), having a black sprite in between the characters/map and fading its alpha in/out; and (2), adding a sprite renderer to the map itself and fading its alpha in/out. What I REALLY don’t understand is how it’s still happening with method #2. If the map’s alpha is transparent, how on earth am I still seeing the edges??? But sure enough, if I turn the game object off while debugging, the lines disappear.

I’m totally stumped here…thanks for any suggestions you could provide!


I’m still at a loss with this. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!