2d sprite resolver

Hi everyone,

I ve got a problem with the sprite resolver : I want to change one hand on my character during animation recording.
When I click on the image label the sprite goes back to the selected hand (deselecting itself), sometimes I can switch to the knife but when I want to assign an other keyframe it goes back again to the closed hand.

Changes work fine when recording animation is off.
Please help :slight_smile:
Thx !

I have found the alternative solution to your problem
Instead of using the Sprite resolver, you should stick to the traditional method. By putting all of the hand sprites on and then during animation recording, you toggle on/off the sprite.

Well, thank you for your answer. Inbetween, I ve been even more drastic and switched back to hand drawn animations. I ve lost too many hours on this clunky 2d ik / resolver stuff.
Ill get back to it in my next project.
Again, thx for your answer.