2D sprites with perspective camera

I know this is a common problem using sprites with perspective camera. I am using two sprites in 3d terrain environment. One sprite for base and other for main building. I am also using billboard script on main building sprite so that it always faces the camera plane.
When i move camera building sprite rotates with respect to it’s base. I searched about this and get that it occurs due to perspective distortion but didn’t find any solution yet.
I attached screenshots of my problem. As you can see when image goes left to right, building sprite change as respect to base.
So please guide me to overcome this problem.Thanks in advance.


I guess the view will be isometric all the time. I think converting the whole game to 2D would save you a lot of trouble in the future. And you wouldn’t need to solve this problem.

For something like this, you’ll probably want an orthographic projection on your camera. If you plan for your objects to be 2D sprites, than a perspective projection probably would only make it look worse.

If I’m reading your question correctly, you have the billboard script on the main building sprite but not the sprite for the base behind it? That could be why there’s an inconsistency in how it looks when you move your camera around.