2D Texture with shadow square border

Hello unity community, this is my first question here… i’ve started to work recently on a simple game in Unity 3D while using Orthello 2D framwork (free).

My problem is that a “shadow” appear on some border of my texture… i have tryed with PNG or PSD image with Alpha channel and the transparent is working, but i can’t find around the forum a solution for this:

This is my sprite image, as u see there’s no shadow or nothing “wrong”(for me)…


I see it even in play mode.

I’ve tryed to change the Shader, but it will still come out… i’ve made all the image PSD from PNG, but the effect is the same… i realy don’t know what else to do since i’m new!

Does anybody know how to solve it or have more information / method to understand from where this problem come from?

Best regards, Lyuke.

If you set your shader to Transparent/Cutout/Diffuse in the inspector for your material (or any of the other Cutout shaders) you can set an Alpha cutoff - which trims the alpha edges to remove border pixels.