2d tutorial error

When I run the 2d tutorial from unity 3d tutorials i am getting some strange physics stuff. I tried flying the spaceship and after a couple seconds the ship starts flashing around the map really fast and sometimes it will hit the boxes and cause them to do the same thing. If I run into the boxes they act normal for a bit but then start flashing around the map like they are moving with some super high speed.

I started doing the tutorial and when I got to the part when I put out the boxes and do stuff it is doing the same thing. I created the ball and it will roll down the slopes but sometimes it all of a sudden jumps back up the slope really quick. Sometimes it will keep rolling down and then jumping back up and then rolling back down for a while before it stops.

Does anybody know what’s going on or how I can fix this.

Thanks for any help.

Im getting the same behaviour. I guess is some misplaced parameter, as the tutorial is for Unity 2, and Im working with 3.

Here I found the fix