2d Video as a Scene

Hi Folks
In the middle of building a game and one of my scenes is to be a prologue mp4 video which after a certain duration of time switches back to the regular game scene.
I currently have it textured to a cube however due to the fact it is a VR game, the video doesn't render covering the whole screen.
I know that the idea of VR is to give power to the user to decide the direction they go and look but im wondering if there is a compromise here for best of both worlds?
Thanks in advance.

I don't have an answer since I havn't done this yet but may do it in the future but it should be like adding a video to any other game. Look here and see if this helps. Update this thread to lets us know what you did wrong if you get it working.


Just a thought, but you might try rendering the video texture on a large plane (preferably curved) in front of where the player is initially facing and have it take up the majority of the viewport. It should be pretty much like watching a movie screen from within VR. The player can still turn their head & look around, but their focus will mostly be pulled to the big huge screen since that's where the "action" is.