2D 'Voxel' Game

This might have been asked before but I couldn’t find a post with the exact answer I wanted. I’m currently trying to make a game based on Terraria. I have all the rpg systems coded pretty much but just haven’t finished the world as I keep changing what type of game it will be and can’t make up my mind. (I would probably do 3D but I can’t art soo… 2D it is)

I’ve been following this tutorial about world generation:

In the tutorial, it starts with a 2D world but with 3D meshes and colliders then transforms into a 3D game. Would the best option to be to continue with using the 3d meshes and colliders or switch everything to 2D. What would be the benefits of using 3D vs 2D? The game will fully be in 2D and no 3D elements will be needed, but for coding purposes which makes the most sense and the easiest?

If your game is fully in 2D, you gain no benefit from using 3D physics, and you incur extra complexity from doing so. The tutorial you are following is old, and probably dates from a time before Unity has the dedicated 2D workflow it has now. Use 2D physics and sprites all the way, and refer to one of Unity’s own more up-to-date tutorials if you need to.

A “2d voxel” is a “pixel”, btw.