2dToolkit - Changing Sprite During Runtime


Maybe someone can help me.

I am working on a project and have a sprite that I need to (based on a configuration file) change when the program boots up. So my config files has the name of a tk2SpriteCollectionData and the name of the sprite I need.

I’ve looked through 2dtoolkit’s documentation and I see the SwitchCollectionAndSprite but it requires a tk2SpriteCollectionData.

My question is how do I get a reference to the tk2SpriteCollectionData in code?

it is (relatively speaking !) very easy to do this,

and is often discussed at great length on the very active 2dtk forum


suggest you just go there, or even very simply email the TK help desk. they are extremely generous with email support and will probably just immediately give you the link you need, cheers