3.5 GUI not working?

So I myself like using regular GUI.Window/GUI.Button for normal basic functions that are especially specific. But when I port over any scripts or even write any new scripts in any language in 3.5 GUI.Button doesn’t work. It returns with this error.

Assets/Scripts/GUI.js(38,15): BCE0019:
‘Button’ is not a member of ‘GUI’.

Do I have to use GUILayout from now on? I would really not like to because I am used to defining the size of each component and its vital to my menu’s.

Primarily, the problem is that you are using a script called ‘GUI.js’. This confuses the compiler, because it conflicts with UnityEngine.GUI. If you preface all your ‘GUI.whatever’ calls with ‘UnityEngine.’ it will fix this problem.

Of course, the real problem is that you gave your file that name at all. You should avoid using reserved names like ‘Transform’ and ‘Rigidbody’ as much as possible.