3 Part "How to/do" Questions

a FPS in unity. The game is called DELVE and I and 5 other members are working on the game but I am publishng it on Unity. And I have 3 main questions about it

Part 1: How do you create a main menu befor running the level of your game in unity to where you can script it, and have other options like changing the graphics of your game or, changing difficulty or etc. and start your game.

Part 2: How would you create a pause menu when you pause your playing game to change options or exit to main menu or save. and script it.

Part 3: How do you create checkpoints in the level, so after you reach a checkpoint, then die right after,to restart at the last checkpoint you reached.

Also Please Visit a work in progress worksite delvegame.webs.com!

Thanks Trev-

Part 1: Create a scene called "main menu" or some such. Add a button that calls Application.LoadLevel. If you're using a streaming web player make sure to check Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel before enavling the button.

Part 2: Attach a script that handles the escape key and displays a GUI. There's a good example of one on the wiki

Part 3: You can create a trigger that when activated sets the location for respawn. Once the player dies, set the position of their transform to the position of the respawn point.

Hi Trev

You should have a look at the 3DPlatformTutorial available at http://unity3d.com/support/resources/tutorials/3d-platform-game