3 Questions about Apple's New iPhone OS4 TOS (Terms Of Services)....

I read a post about Apple changing the TOS (Terms Of Service) so that they apps must be orginally written....

The Resource: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/7408/is-unity3d-banned-by-new-apple-sdk-licence

Well here are my questions:

1) When will this rule start? Or has it started already?

2) Is Unity still ok? (Just in case any updates have occured that weren't mentioned in the other post)

3) If you do an app compatitible for later versions like 3 will this rule not occur? ( In other words, is this rule only applied to the Newest iPhone Compatibility level?)

1) OS4 is already in use, yes.

2) It appears fine. People are still having Apps accepted on iPhones (and to the iPad, which is only OS4 AFAIK); although I haven't seen any official announcements giving an all clear (not that that's surprising).

3) Not sure what you mean here, but it would affect Unity 3.0 the same as Unity iPhone 1.7 (at the moment, that seems to be not at all).