3. Unity: Initial Terrain Setup tutorial - need help !


I’m trying to learn how to use Unity3D by following a tutorial from 3DBuzz on YouTube.

My problem is that in one of the tutorials they reduce a terrain map (Terrain => Set Resolution) and it is clearly visible that Unity3D shrink the map according to the specifications they made, however, when I do the same to my terrain it doesn’t visually reduce the size - I have checked and re-checked the parameters for my map resolutions and they are the same as in the tutorial !

3. Unity: Initial Terrain Setup

  1. is this supposed to happen ?

  2. can I be certain that my map is indeed the same resolution eventhough the map seems huge ?


I started over from scratch and this time I made sure that I had selected the terrain in the hirachy tab before changing the resolution and this time the terrain got smaller as I expected.

Well if the numbers are the same then its ok I would think it may not just look different on yours. Just follow to the one step where he click the ok button and then recheck your setting for the terrain. If they are the same then your ok and good to go. It just may not change how it looks on your screen.