[$300 Bounty] Scaleform/Vuforia project fails on Android works on iOS (presumably some Droid manifest/configuration issue)

I’ve been building a game that uses Unity 4.1.3 and Scaleform 4.1 and it works OK on iOS, but building for Android just fails as soon as I try to load the movie with a SIGSEGV and a failure to create an indirect reference:

06-03 14:40:58.980: W/dalvikvm(22751): Invalid indirect reference 0x40d889a0 in decodeIndirectRef
06-03 14:40:58.980: E/dalvikvm(22751): VM aborting
06-03 14:40:58.980: A/libc(22751): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadd00d (code=1)

Building the “starship down” demo appears to work fine.

The project also includes another plugin (Vuforia from Qualcomm) which appears to create its own manifest file, but I can’t see any documentation about manually adding the Scaleform settings to the manifest.

I’m using version 4.1 of Scaleform for Unity but I’ve also noticed that other posts claim that there is a newer version compatible with Unity 4 - this appears to only be the evaluation versions though unless anyone knows different?

As I am unable to purchase any kind of premium support I am prepared to offer a $300 bounty to anyone able to help me get this project working on Android. Immediate transfer of funds by email/paypal.

I have posted on the Scaleform AREA forum to no avail.

[Edit: Bounty increased, I’m pretty desperate for any help with configuring plugins with Android and Unity]

Ok so this was caused by Scaleform Droid not being able to dynamically load images, it seems like an oversight on Autodesk’s side as there is pretty much no way to access content outside the APK even though it “appears” to work (you get it saying it can’t find a file with the path you supplied, but it is internally stripping off your path), and no way to dynamically load content without passing it through as Base64 encoded strings. Very unprofessional unfortunately, hopefully they’ll smarten things up for the next release and give us some way to access external content or at least pass byte arrays with images and SWFs.