+300 warnings in Xcode 8.2.1 from Unity


I made Build my App for iOS with ‘Unity version: 5.4.1f1 (64 bit)’, then open Project with ‘Xcode version: 8.2.1 (8C1002)’ no exist Warnings and Errors, but launch RUN Build and view 329 Warnings, in summary:

*) Unused function ‘InitCrash’ → CrashReporter.mm
*) Unused function ‘InitObjCUEHandler’ → CrashReporter.mm
*) Unused variable ‘iBound’ → mscorlib_ArrayTypes.h
*) Undeclared selector ‘onUnityUpdateViewLayout’ → UnityView.mm
*) Undeclared selector ‘createUnityViewImpl’ → UnityAppcontroller.mm
*) Undeclared selector ‘createViewHierarchyImpl’ → UnityAppcontroller.mm
*) Code will never be executed:
*) ‘extern’ variable has an initializer → Il2CppCompilerCalculateTypeValues.cpp

How do I fix or remove these warnings of Xcode?

Please help me!


As I mentioned on the forum post, these warnings should be benign. They can be safely ignored. AT one point in the past, I thought that we had eliminated all warnings in generated C++ code. I’ll have a look at that again to remove any that have crept in since then.

Hi @JoshPeterson,

I found problems, in my app use on void FixedUpdate:

GetComponent ().position = new Vector2
Mathf.Clamp(GetComponent().position.x, boundary.xIPADMin, boundary.xIPADMAx),
Mathf.Clamp(GetComponent().position.y, boundary.yIPADMin, boundary.yIPADMAx)

The problem is only on iPad, the image of my ship appears / disappears from the screen. What´s problem? Please help me.