360º Angle between A vector and a Pivot.

Hi All,

I want to know a 360 degree angle between a point relative to its center and a custom scenario, I was searching a lot in forums and unity answers but I didnt found anything valid (a lot of close approachs but at the end I never accomplish my goal).

I will try to explain myself, this is my scenario (Really is a Vector3 world but Im not interested in the vertical axis), this example is based on a 20,20 Size world, my center is at 10,10 and I want to calculate the angle between a point and the center, based on a custom degree scenario.

In this example the point “0,10” would have 180º angle, “20,10” would have 0/360º angle, “10,20” would have 90º angle, “0,10” would have 270º angle, How can I calculate the Angle of the blue point based on the center?.

Thanks in Advance, and sorry for my poor representation.

Perform your checks against the world x or z axis perhaps.