360 Angle Camera Rotate

Hello Eveybody,

I have a little question for you... I developing a RTS game... I want turn left and right 360 angle with mouse scrool wheel... I need your helps. How can i make that...


Have a look at the integrated `MouseOrbit` script (select your Camera; choose `Scripts > Camera Control > MouseOrbit`). You can adapt that one to your needs.

3D Camera Rotations can be pretty tricky. To get started, I would take a look at the 3D Platformer tutorial, located here:


Follow the steps up to chapter 3 or so and they will go over their camera scripts. If your understanding of scripting is up to par, you will be able to modify those scripts to work as a 3D Camera for an RTS. (You will want to zoom way out and bind a Z rotation to your mousewheel.) If you are completely new to scripting, you definitely want to search for some good tutorials (3D Platformer is not the easiest one to start with):