360 degree Cylindrical Movement


I need some help with the cylindrical movement. Let me clarify that. Im making a spaceship game in this game ship will always move directly forward inside of a cylindrical map or shape whatever. However, spaceship should be controlled with mouse it needs some vertical and horizontal movement inside of this cylinder it should be something like that

Ship can freely move left or right inside the blank circle but when it goes too left or too right it should be spin around like in the photo.

Sorry for my bad english i hope you understand me. A little advise or help would be perfect

If i understand correctly, you wan the ship to rotate around the center point and stay pointed at the center point.

Create a parent object at the center of the circle. Attach your ship to it as a child.

Rotate the parent.

This is basic scenegraph stuff, which is fundamental to unity. You might want to google “scenegraph” and read up on it.