360 FOV camera.

Hi, I am vary new to Unity (only started working with it today) and I am wondering is there a way to have the camera look in full 360 degrees? Essentially what I am trying to do is have a FPV game but when you push a button you can see all the way around yourself, (i.e. 360 FOV).

I did some looking around and was unable to find anything in unity to do what i am trying to do. But i did find a Quake mod that does what I am looking for, so it should be possible… I hope.

The Quake mod:

Video of how I want it to look (Start at 6:28 on purpose) :
360 FOV Gamplay

Please try to keep your answers simple… I am still vary new to this.

Other then that I don’t know what else to say. Hope you can help!

To do this kind of effect you will want to render a dynamic cube map at the position of the player, and then warp the cube map into a 2D image.
Sounds quite difficult to do.