360 images PNG problem

Hello, after spending 8 hours struggling with this problem, I decided to write here.
I want to overlay 360 photos. Some of them are in PNG format and have areas that should be transparent. However, when I import them into Unity, the transparent areas turn white.

I didn’t want to trouble you, but I couldn’t find a solution, and I’m new to this project. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help. Thank you.

I think you need to select your image texture type as sprite.
hope that helps

Yes, it works for background transparency, but since it’s a 360 image, it doesn’t allow me to use it on a sphere this time. Thank you very much for your response.

Maybe I’m making a very simple mistake because I’m new to this, I don’t know. :frowning:

@Sezx thanks for the clarification.
Another thing to check is the “material”.
In your screen shot you are showing the texture properties in the inspector.
Instead, select the material of the same name.
I believe it is the next icon to the left of the one that is selected in the screenshot.
You can tell it is a material by the smaller icon that looks like a sphere which is beside the name.
In the material, the top 3 items in the inspector are as follows:
shader: select standard if it isn’t already (maybe other options work but this is what I know)
Rendering mode: select transparent
Albedo: drag your PNG file to the little box to the left of the word “Albedo”
Now use that material on your gameObject.
Please let me know if that helps.

Hello, I’m grateful for your interest.
When I set the material type to “Standard,” I can’t create a 360-degree wrap, and it seems like I need to use a Skybox. However, I don’t see these options there. If there’s something else I can use instead of a Skybox that’s suitable for the structure of a 360 photo, I’m willing to try it, but I haven’t seen it in any tutorials.

I also tried the alpha channel. I worked with the alpha channel properly in Photoshop, selecting the transparency feature. Unity recognizes it as transparent, but when it becomes a skybox, all transparent areas turn white.

I understand that the basic thing you are trying to do is UV-mapping your image with transparency onto a sphere (or box?) so that the single large image is seamlessly mapped onto the object.
I still think there should be a way to do this in Unity but I don’t know enough about skyboxes and 360 images.
Another thing you could try is UV mapping your image in Blender (free 3d software) and save it as a 3D object you can import into Unity.
There should be tutorials for that.
You could use the standard shader if the UV mapping is correct.

I will try it thank you very much :slight_smile: