360 Trigger Pressing both Triggers at the same time

So, I am sorry if this is answered, but I am using the Left Trigger and Right Triggers on my 360 controller to fire the left and right weapons accordingly. So I have

if(Input.GetAxis("P1Trigger") == 1){

if(Input.GetAxis("P1Trigger") == -1){

When they aren't pressed the 3rd Axis is 0, but it seems that when both are pressed the 3rd Axis is also 0. I know that if I create P1LtTrigger and P1RtTrigger and invert 1 of them I can get them to fire both on one trigger press, but that's not what I am need.

Can you seperate your axis in the input section. so instead of P1Trigger you will have P1LeftTrigger and P1RightTrigger



this questions been bugging me so I looked into it a bit more and found this http://speps.fr/xinputdotnet which is a website for a piece of 3rd party software which (i believe) allows you to skip over the DirectInput that Unity uses to map controllers and uses XInput instead.