360 VideoPlayer poor quality

Hi, have 360 video player rendering on texture (3840x2160 - same resolution as source video) and this texture set as skybox (using simple shader), but when i play video in my app (on device - Oculus GO) it doesnt look as good as original played outside the app.. there is some flickering, artifacts or pixelating especialy on edges...(my guess it's caused by camera movement..) even if i pause video it seems like some pixels are moving..
Basicaly it looks like theres no antialiasing... (more like oposite of antialiasing so all edges are more visible).

Any tips how to fix this? It might be bad settings of project, not just video player/texture, but it's most noticeable while playing video...

Check the import and compression settings for the video, it may be likely it is being compressed to a smaller size or different format?

Nope, like i worte above - when play same video in browser (it's hosted on my server) everything looks perfect like it should be..
I have also tried plugin "Easy Movie Texture", which solved my problem with quality, but it can't render to texture - only to game objects... (I need to set that texture with video as skybox.. :( )