360 Videos are pixelated!!

Hello! I’m working on 4K 360 video playback in Unity and I did the tutorial here (https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-to-make-a-360-vr-app-with-unity-51cbe41ad8f1), but I’m noticing that the quality of the videos is significantly reduced when playing back in Unity, and when I deploy to iOS. There is always significant pixelation, and sometimes there are also trails of pixels that arise from movement in the video. Does anyone know why this is the case? If so, how can I solve this?

4K videos are poorly supported on mobile device hardware in general. For iOS specifically, you can check Apple’s product pages to find the technical specs for the model you are working with and determine the maximum support video playback dimensions.

Transcoding to a lower resolution such as 2K will often correct the issue.

If anyone hasn’t solved this, a few things to make sure:

  1. The target render texture is at least 1024, if not 2048.

  2. Double check the bitrate, codec, pixel format, and resolution.
    ,Have you figured this out?

  3. Double check the video playback texture, and make sure it’s at least 1024 if not 2048.

  4. Also, it would be good to know the bitrate or your transcoding command.

4k video in high efficient codecs like vp9 and HEVC are supported by most Android devices nowadays.
Iphone can only play h264 video, and only the newest (this year’s) models can play 4k.
All other iphones generally don’t go higher than 1920x1080 with video playback.

So yeah, ios is not really a good 4k 360 video platform.
You can check the DeviceInfo if the phone is an iphone 7 or up, otherwise play a 1080p video

Hi, what is the recommended bitrate?,hi, What bitrate is recommended?