360d video to sphere shader.

Hi guys! I need help…
I use sphere with UV to display 360 panoramic video in my Unity3D presentation. But it’s give me some artefacts in bottom of the sphere. It’s look terrible. In native player, that show 360 degree video developers use shader, that places 360 degree video on Sphere without UV and artefacts…

Can anyone advise me similar shader or say, how to write this?

Screenshot with UV

  • -You’ll need to take a screenshot of the video at full resolution.
  • Then make a sphere in any 3d modeling package.
  • The apply the screenshot as a texture to the sphere
  • Then work with the UV’s until it relaxes like you want
  • Import the new sphere into unity, and then it will relax appropriately.

This is how you are going to have to do it. If you dont have a modeling package/ modeling skills, then just try searching the web for 360 video sphere models. Not all 360 videos have the same projection though. So itll be hard to make the sphere UV’s match the mapping on the video