3D Audio Components not playing..

I’m having a very strange problem. I am not able to play 3D audio within a game. I started off with a Robot Lab demo and it worked fine. The problem occurred when I tried Destroyed City (free version)… I couldn’t get the 3D sound to play. In the end I gave up, I bought End Of Dayz, thinking it was a problem with the game… but here the same thing happened. You can see the audio listener approaching and entering the zone where the audio should be playing, but there is no sound.

Its plays on awake just fine - so nothing wrong with the Audio,
Ive tried Stereo and mono files,
Ive tried deleting and downloading the software again,
Ive tried multiple computers,
Ive tried moving the Audio listener around,
Ive tried attaching audio existing components as well as creating new game objects for the source.
And yes, these sounds are set to 3D sounds within unity.

I’m running out of options and this is my coursework for college, so need an answer quick…

Please help! Could it be something to do with the script in the game??

I’d like to note that I again I am using the demo scene already set up in the game (end of dayz. I am only being marked on sound design, and game programming is completely alien to me.


Not enough details. Is the sound supposed to loop? If so check that there is a tick on the loop box of the audio source.
Is the sound supposed to play when something comes close instead of all the time?
You’ll need to trigger it with a script.