3D Audio: Selectively Apply the Doppler Effect.

To sum things up briefly:

I have 5 objects in a scene. In this scene I need three of the objects to emit ambient music. The other two objects emit sound effects.

I need the music emitting objects to still update the volume based on the 3D position, but I need them to NOT apply the Doppler effect(No change to pitch/speed for synchronization reasons)

The other two objects DO need the Doppler effect active. Is there any way to achieve this?

So far I've only found a way to turn the Doppler effect on or off for the whole project. I've also found it's possible to apply only the Doppler effect and disregard position for volume. Shouldn't the reverse be possible?

Any help and input would be great! Thanks in advance for any replies. ~Jan

This is unfortunately not possible in 2.6 (unless you implement 3D panning yourself). However, 3.0 will expose this per audiosource (if it's any consolation).

please note that it is a relatively common task