3D Audio Source plays choppy/poping in web player (Video)

Anyone got a hint on how to fix this sound issue. I have tried both OGG files and WAV files, including all of the load types when playing the file. But no luck. The scene has about 8 sounds total, but you are only in rage of a few of them in this video.

This seems to only happen to 3D audio source objects. Our 2D background audio is working fine.

Sorry for the shaky cam video. I did jack in the audio so you hear the exact sound. I did want to use Fraps to slow the system down. Because that makes this sound way worse.

When I play the sound in the editor, it sounds fine. Only when I deploy it to the web player.

I changed the sound effect to 2D and I no longer get the choppy effect, but the sound effect just plays at full volume all the time, not like a sound coming from the world. Note, we are using the UltimateFPSCamera package to create or character.

So I decided to create a test where I remove my “ultimate FPS Camera” Player setup from the hierarchy and add just a normal camera near the object, I even attached it a animated model so it would move around. It no longer created that choppy effect.

I will have to narrow what is causing the issue in the FPS camera tool set. I might have to go and post this question over on the fps tread.

Thank you for the hints. It helped me narrow down what the problem is.